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Scheduled Network Maintenance Wednesday 1st June to Saturday 4th June
Posted by Bob Woolley on 13 May 2022 12:11 PM
Dear Customers,

As part of our ongoing network upgrades and maintenance we will be performing hardware replacement on our redundant aggregation routers in Brisbane.
During this maintenance window individual devices will be replaced, we do not anticipate any interruption to network traffic during this time. These upgrades are being performed by Host Networks senior technicians.

If you are using our Dedicated servers, Cloud servers, Shared co-location or Web-hosting your service will not be affected due to Host Networks redundant network topology.

If you use BGP routing, or a HSRP redundant gateway to connect with AS4851 (for eg co-location customers), it is important that you check your network configuration to ensure that you are using both redundant paths that are available to connect to Host Networks (AS4851). This will ensure that your services remain online throughout these scheduled works. Only one router will be worked on at any one time. All maintenance works will be performed outside of core business hours to minimise the effect of these changes.

Host Networks are able to confirm received routes or any other technical details for your BGP sessions, please contact our NOC team (simply reply to this notification) if you would like to perform further checks.

The works will be performed during a 10PM to 4AM window on three consecutive nights, Wed 1st June to Friday 3rd June.

Live updates for the start and completion of each upgrade event will be posted on our @HostNetworks twitter account.

Devices affected:
- Brisbane Agg 1 (BNE1-AGG1)
- Brisbane Agg 2 (BNE1-AGG2)

The works have been scheduled as follows:

Start Time: Wednesday 1st June 10PM AEST (GMT +10)
End Time: Thursday 2nd June 4AM AEST (GMT +10)

Start Time: Thursday 2nd June 10PM AEST (GMT +10)
End Time: Friday 3rd June 4AM AEST (GMT +10)

Start Time: Friday 3rd June 10PM AEST (GMT +10)
End Time: Saturday 4th June 4AM AEST (GMT +10)

Kind Regards,
Host Networks NOC