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Office Hours - Closed Monday 3rd May 2021
Posted by NOC Desk Monitors on 27 April 2021 02:22 PM
Dear Customers,

Our office will be closed on Monday the 3rd of May for the Labour Day (QLD) public holiday.

Our NOC staff will continue to monitor the facilities and network during this period. Any provisioning of services will not be started until Tuesday the 4th. If you require emergency Remote Hands or Escorted Access during this time, please follow standard procedures by filling out the appropriate form on our website (, followed by calling our Emergency After Hours phone. If you do not have this number, now is a good time to review your initial welcome email, or ask for a copy by emailing During the public holiday weekend rates for Remote Hands and Escorted Access will apply.

Host Networks wishes all of our customers a safe and relaxing long weekend.

Kind regards,

Host Networks NOC