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Dear Customers,

As part of Host Networks hardware evaluation and refresh process we will be replacing our existing Silcon UPS systems with new ABB UPS systems in the coming weeks. This change will bring our infrastructure up to modern standards and allow us to take advantage of technological improvements along with improved parts and support availability. Performing UPS replacement work will require that Host Networks operates our site in a state of reduced redundancy for several short periods of time. These upgrades have been programmed with our electrical partner Sure Power who has been responsible for electrical design and maintenance work at our facility, including the design and build of our BNE1 facility in 2007.
This scheduled works event will also include the installation of an additional switchboard to support B Feed power circuits for our co-location customers.

If you are using our Co-location, Dedicated servers, Cloud servers, Shared co-location or Web-hosting your service will not be affected due to Host Networks redundant power topology and bypass system design.
To allow key parts of this installation to take place, Host Networks will be electing to use onsite power generation instead of grid power. During these times Host Networks will be running at reduced power redundancy but power will not be disrupted to customer circuits.

Live updates for the start and completion of each upgrade event will be posted on our @HostNetworks twitter account.

Devices affected:
 - BNE1 - UPS1 System
 - BNE1 - UPS2 System
 - BNE1 - UPS3 System

The works have been scheduled as follows:

Services affected: No affect to customer power circuits.

Start Time: Wednesday 19th September 8AM AEST (GMT +10)
End Time: Thursday 27th September 6PM AEST (GMT +10)
Duration: Nine days.

Kind Regards,
Host Networks NOC