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Scheduled Network Maintenance Monday 20th August - Monday 27th August
Posted by Bob Woolley on 20 August 2018 04:55 PM
Dear Customers,

Due to recent stability issues on our primary Juniper routers, we have been instructed by the vendor to change to a new firmware version. This change will help to resolve the fault experienced with the route process daemon (RPD). Performing firmware upgrades on our routers will require a scheduled period of downtime to perform these upgrades and confirm functionality before restoring the router into our network. Due to the importance of this work we are scheduling these upgrades as soon as is reasonably practical. These upgrades are being performed by Host Networks senior technicians and also vendor support technicians who will be onsite assisting with the upgrades.

If you are using our Dedicated servers, Cloud servers, Shared co-location or Web-hosting your service will not be affected due to Host Networks redundant network topology.

If you use BGP routing to connect with AS4851 (ie Some co-location customers), it is important that you check your network configuration to ensure that you are using more than a single BGP session with Host Networks (AS4851). This will ensure that your services remain online throughout these scheduled works as only one router per site will be upgraded on each scheduled date. Host Networks will be able to confirm received routes or any other technical details for your BGP sessions, please contact our NOC team (simply reply to this notification) if you would like to perform further checks.

Live updates for the start and completion of each upgrade event will be posted on our @HostNetworks twitter account.

Devices affected:
- Brisbane Router 1 (BNE1-RTR1)
- Brisbane Router 2 (BNE1-RTR2)
- Sydney Router 1 (SYD1-RTR1)
- Sydney Router 2 (SYD1-RTR2)

The works have been scheduled as follows:

Services affected: BGP Sessions with Host Networks AS4851

Start Time: Monday 20th August 10PM AEST (GMT +10)
End Time: Tuesday 21st August 2AM AEST (GMT +10) 
Duration: 4 Hours 

Start Time: Thursday 23rd August 10PM AEST (GMT +10) 
End Time: Friday 24th August 2AM AEST (GMT +10)
Duration: 4 Hours 

Start Time: Monday 27th August 10PM AEST (GMT +10) 
End Time: Tuesday 28th August 2AM AEST (GMT +10)
Duration: 4 Hours 

Kind Regards,
Host Networks NOC