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Urgent Cloud Maintenance - Service Disruption 2.30AM AEST
Posted by Bob Woolley on 05 April 2017 01:52 AM

Due to an issue which has been detected within our cloud storage infrastructure during routine backend upgrades, some customer Virtual Servers will be required to shutdown and restart during a maintenance window tonight to allow for a reset of our storage controllers.
This action is most regrettable but performing this action quickly is desirable as to minimise the risk posed by this error. Host Networks staff are working with our vendors to both monitor this reset and also to ensure that this behaviour is not repeated in future.

Our staff will be performing graceful shutdowns on the affected Virtual Servers and checking once rebooted to ensure that your server is operating as expected.
If you have any open files we recommend logging into your VS and ensuring your environment is ready for a graceful shutdown.

Devices affected:
- Host Networks Cloud - kvm_zone

Start: 02:30 AM, Wednesday 5th April 2017 AEST
End: 03:30 AM, Wednesday 5th April 2017 AEST

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