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What is (S)FTP?
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(S)FTP stands for (Secure)File Transfer Protocol, an Internet protocol defining how to upload and download files between a client and a server. SFTP is the recommended method of uploading files to your cPanel hosting account.
Some popular SFTP programs are FileZilla and WinSCP which will allow you to transfer files from your hard drive to your web site.
Within your Welcome Email you will receive details on how to connect to your site via SFTP. The primary cPanel account should always be used for SFTP access.
SFTP and FTP differ quite significantly and it's important to use the right connection type for the task.

You can define user sub-accounts within cPanel that can be granted specific FTP access, for example if you are limiting a developer to access only a certain folder on your website.
FTP user sub-accounts are created within cPanel's "User Manager" option (Found under Preferences) and FTP user sub-accounts must use password authentication to access the service (SSH Key is not available for user sub-accounts). 

Primary cPanel account - SFTP (Secure FTP) / SSH / SCP
Username Format: websiteusername
Port: 22

Authentication method: SSH Key ONLY

cPanel user sub-accounts - FTP
Username Format:
Port: 21
Authentication method: Password Auth ONLY
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