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I just registered my domain, how do I get it to work?
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Once you have successfully registered your domain name. You will need point this to the server your web site will be on.
Think of it along the lines of getting a new phone number and now telling people the new number.
This is done by updating the DNS (may also be called Nameserver Changes, Delegation changes) at the place you purchased your domain name from to point it to the nameservers listed within our welcome email.

If you purchased your domain name at in order to make these changes to your domain name delegation please first login to the website. You can then modify your DNS details through the 'Manage Domains', 'Modify DNS' Details section.
Each domain name, must have a minimum of 2 nameserver entires. This information is provided in our Welcome Email. Once you have made these changes please allow 12-72 hours for these changes to take effect.
During this change, the new nameserver details are propagated across the globe. Each ISP receives updates normally at least once a day, so it can take a few days for every ISP across the world to then know about the new changes to your domain name.
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