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What is a VPS and what can I use it for?
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Virtual private servers or Virtual dedicated servers are a form of virtualization that split a physical server into multiple virtual servers. The Virtual Private Server (VPS) is alternate to the Dedicated servers and it can used where there is need of less powerful dedicated server. Since the resources setup in such a way that each person can only use what is allocated to them.

Each VPS has its own environment. Each VPS has its own file system, resources, and it acts like a real stand-alone dedicated server.

Some of the important features of Virtual Private Server hosting are:

  • Each virtual private server (VPS) hosting is completely partitioned/insulated from one another. A crash or lock up on one Virtual Private Server has no impact on other virtual servers.

  • Each Virtual Private Server hosting receives a specified allocation of CPU, memory, and disk resulting in each VPS receiving a guaranteed level of performance and service.

  • Each VPS can be administered with total control of all settings using the powerful, yet easy to use control panel. Reboot feature and root access is also provided with each VPS.

Virtual Private Servers can be used in following cases:

  • Reseller Hosting service
  • Custom application development & hosting
  • Web based CRM and ERP
  • Small Email server
  • Network monitoring
  • Online Data storage
  • Application server
  • DNS server
  • Small game server

    and many more.......

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